Abdelrahman Hassan, Egypt

When Palestine is liberated, I will race the wind to the old city of Nablus. I will plant olive trees on the free land of Palestine. I will plant trees so tall that when I climb them, I would see the beauty of Lebanon under the silver rays of the moon and the glory of the pyramids in Egypt. I will teach my kids that Palestine wore a cloak of deep sorrow through her life, but that only increased her beauty and strength. I will teach them that love that is cleansed by tears will remain pure and holy. I will take my children to pray in mosques and sing hymns in churches and contemplate in synagogues. I will sit next to the widow and comfort her, next to the orphan and fly a kite with him, next to an old man who lost a son and call him father. I will teach them that the truth is like a tree that lost one strong branch; it will suffer but it doesn’t die. Truth will suffer but it doesn’t die.