Nancy, New Brunswick

When I return to Palestine I will

Visit my friends who live there still.

I know it has been recently said

My relatives who lived there are now dead.

And there is many a holy site

Which I will visit with delight.

And when there I do abide

I will jog the countryside.

These are the things that I would do

If Palestine is liberated for me and you.

These are the things that I would do if I were Palestinian and heard that Palestine was liberated and had a chance to return.

Nan Withington

I’ll relieve pent up tears of rage
Over Justice so long delayed.

I will laugh with wild delight
That Right defeated might.

I’ll give thanks I lived to see
Belov’d Palestine-at last-FREE.

I’ll shout:”Heirs of Ab’ram-be brothers!
Build the future-one with the other.”