Tasnim Jaber, Al-Quds, Bridgeview

When I return to Palestine, I will smell that air that was filled with gas from the Israelis,

Eat the fresh, tasty, amazing fruits that made me smile during the day,

Make the children of Palestine feel the freedom,

Return to my home that I was born in and had taken away from me,

Hear the amazing, lovable sound of the athan in sunrise,

Laugh to Arabic movies which made my day,

Go to the beach and think about God’s creation,

Buy beautiful jewelry from the outside mall,

Visit my cousins that I have not seen in years,

Eat the fresh falafel sold in the streets,

Look at the beautiful nature that has its own taste of color,

Sing the songs that make the birds chirp,

Pray in the dome of the rock,

Visit the poor and needy that some didn’t even see their mom or dad and comfort
them with love,

This place is my destiny; it waits in the heart, and I will never leave it apart!